Frequently asked questions:

1.    Can you cut glass that I already own?    Yes we usually can for a  nominal fee.   We cannot be responsible for breakage.    
2.   Can you cut tempered glass?   No,  tempered glass is a factory ordered item and cannot be cut.    
3.   How long does tempered glass take to order ?    Usually we can have tempered glass orders back within  3 to 5 days depending on the day you place your order.
4.   Does glass come in different thicknesses?   Yes.   The thinnest is 1/16 & 1/8 which is usually window glass.    Our 1/4 is our standard tabletop & shelving thickness.   Your can go up to 3/8 or 1/2 from there.   
5.   What is insulated glass?   Insulated glass is made up of two thicknesses with an air space between them.   Insulated glass is a factory order item.    
6.   Can you do edgework on my tabletop?    We can do a house finish (seamed edges smooth to the touch)  on any tabletop and we do a flat ground or  hand polished edge in house also.  Any  other edgework is done in the factory.    
7.   Can you make scratches go away?    No. 
8.   Why can't you install a piece of regular window glass in my door?  By law as a service provider we cannot put anything but a type of safety or tempered glass in any door or anything within a few feet of a door.  
9.   Why is that plastic glass more expensive?    Plexiglass and lexan are petroleum based products and are more expensive to manufacture. 
10.  I have a bottle, jar, pot etc  can you drill a hole in the bottom?
We do this after seeing if the object is a good candidate for this.
We cannot be responsible for your item.

1.  What can I do to make  water spots go away?    We advise anyone with a new shower or tub glass to use a sqeegy after each use.    It removes the droplets of water that will stay and mark your glass.
2.  Can you cut down my own shower door?   No ,  all shower doors and tub enclosures should be of tempered glass and will shatter in small pieces when cut or broken.    This is for safety. 
3.  Why is my  frameless unit  leaking?    We always advise anyone buying or wanting  to buy a frameless unit that leakage is something you will have a small amount of.   Because of the frameless design when the spray hits the joined area some leakage might  occur.

1.   Can you put regular glass in my insulated windows so I won't have to order new I/G units?   No we cannot.  It may fix a broken side of an I/G unit but it will not stop the fogging up of a window.
2.   Can you replace my old windows?  Yes we can order new vinyl replacement windows for your home to fit your existing openings.    They will be insulated, energy efficient and easy to clean.
3.   Do you sell the plastic stuff that goes around windows?    Yes we  have a variety of stop material.    There are many types so we  suggest you bring in a small sample so we can try to match it.

1.   Can you cut down my own mirror?   Yes but cannot  be responsible for breakage.  
2.   Can you make pits or scratches go away in my mirror?   No.
3.   The backing has come off my mirror - is there a fix?   No. 
1.  How long does it take to get my windshield?   When ordered we receive any auto glass the very next day or even the same day.    We get twice a day delivery from our suppliers.
2.   How long does it take to get a new windshield installed?   We usually need your vehicle for at least 3 hours  of the day.
3.   Do you reglue rear view mirrors  to the windshield?   Yes.
4.   Do you make  boat windshields?   We do.    We have to see the curvature of the windshield to determine this.
5.   Can you repair my chip, crack or run in my windshield?   We usually can fix anything small without any problem.   We must see it first to determine this.  

6.   Can you save my inspection sticker?   No.     You will have to get a new sticker.  
7.   My window will not roll up or down - can this be fixed? 
 Usually an auto glass tech can get it either back on track or order a new motor for you door glass if it is electric.